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15 Reasons To Go For A Data Science Course

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Why do you call an apple, an apple, and not a monkey? Here is why- because your intelligence processes the data gathered by your eyes in a continuous cycle of learning and reasoning. This is science, and humans have been using their intellect since the beginning of time. However, the human brain has cognitive limitations when it comes to certain elements, and this is where powerful computers come into the picture. With such advancements in the field of technology, we can now gather ample data or information from a variety of sources. 

So, is this data worth it? Of course, it is. People who benefit from this data include advertisers who want to maximize their business through targeted ads, people who want apps for health and fitness that track their overall health, and business owners who want to know the latest market trends to optimize their business outcomes. The possibilities are limitless, and so are the opportunities!

With this gigantic data present, when you equip yourself with the knowledge of data science and can provide analytical solutions, you are indeed considered a hero. With all that said, the biggest decision you will ever make in life, and that matters the most is the decision regarding your career. It can make or break the years of hard work you have put into, so why not make a smart move and choose data science.

Why Data Science?

Data science has now pulled the ends between fiction and reality. Ever thought about how YouTube shows you the kind of content you prefer? Or how, when you’re chatting with your friends, the keyboard suggests the exact words that you intend to use in your sentence? Magic? No, that’s data science!

Guess what the hottest job in the current market scenario is? Data science is surely the next big thing in comparison to any other course. In fact, no other course has a higher value when compared. 

The job portal,, reported that job postings increased by 75% for data scientists over three years. 

Every large company knows that it requires highly efficient data scientists to find optimal solutions to all the problems. It is, however, undeniable that the competition in this field is high. The country now requires more than 2 Lakh data scientists than engineers and chartered accountants. Now that is a game changer.

15 reasons why you should go for a data science course

1. High demand

There is a growing demand for data scientists in every industry. According to a report by McKinsey and Company, the United States could face a shortage of more than 1,40,000 to 1,90,000 data scientists. The demand is steadily increasing while there is still a low supply of talent.

2. Unbeatable salaries

According to Glassdoor, data science was the highest-paid field to get into in 2016. They discovered that the average salaries being offered for this job position were higher than most other job profiles, both in India and outside the country. These figures have only been growing over time. 

3. Multi-industry opportunities

Every industry or domain requires a data scientist. All companies, especially, the multi-national companies and large businesses know that they require people with a qualification in data science, that is, they need people who can collect, organize and present raw data in a more comprehensive format, which means that you do not have to confine yourself to just one industry; instead, you can explore different domains.

4. Authoritative position

The top management will always depend on data scientists to make crucial decisions. This will give you a distinguished authoritative position in the company or industry that you work for. A data scientist influences the top-management in ways that no other employee can since they handle the key performance analysis for the growth of the organization.

5. Key -decision making

As a data science specialist, you will work with the top management and higher authorities. This allows you to make the most crucial decisions about the organization and its activities. You will be expected to come up with solutions that set the company apart from its competitors.

6. Work with recognized brands

Though in the initial stages you might work in small companies, large companies will take you in when you have prior experience in the field. That way, your cost of spending an additional amount to learn a new language is reduced as most of these top-tier companies and brands will provide you with the necessary tools for hands-on experience.

7. Evolving field

Data science is an evolving field. The reason being that there is a high demand for data scientists around the world due to the huge pool of data available. Only data scientists have the required skill to organize data comprehensively and help companies make crucial strategic decisions.

Moreover, you will also have great opportunities to develop in the field and make independent decisions.

8. Easy to grab a job

Though there is a high demand for data scientists, there is a low supply. Therefore, when you pick data science, your career begins to fall into place as it becomes easier for you to grab a job. Though there is a high level of competition, worthy candidates can get past these hurdles and easily score a great paying job.

9. Freedom to become a freelance consultant

You do not have to work with just one company. Data science gives you the freedom to become a freelance consultant and work with multiple companies that depend on you for their crucial decisions. Freelance consultants get paid more, provided you have a strong hand at smart algorithms and programming languages.

10. Growing adoption of Big Data analytics

According to the Peer Research-Big Data Analytics’ survey, it was reported that the top priority of the organizations was that Big Data must help in the overall improvement of the organizational performance.

As more and more companies realize that Big Data analytics is their key to faster business growth, they are focusing on hiring the best talent in data science.

11. Choices in types of analytics

After taking up data science as a career option, you have the choice to decide which among the three types of analytics you want to work with, including Prescriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Descriptive Analytics.

12. High commissions

Data scientists can also work as stakeholders in the company. Though their salary isn’t fixed, they can earn high commissions and additional perks by helping companies make critical decisions. This requires you to provide creative solutions with the help of data visualization.

13. Skill enhancing opportunities

Data science is not limited to one particular language or a singular framework. Along your career path, you will have multiple opportunities to enhance your skills in various Big Data analytics tools. This means that you do not have ever to stop learning and adding new skills to your credit.

14. Extend programming skills

Despite already having knowledge of programming languages like Java, data scientists can extend their programming skills to Scala, Julia, and Python as well when they pick Big Data analytics as the next step in their career. Extending your programming skills is a great way to achieve vertical growth in any organization that you work for.

15. Enhance customer relationship

When you work for a B2B business or a B2C business, you will be required to enhance the customer relationship of the organization. This will require that you conduct researches on how customers react to certain ads or products of the company and come up with creative solutions on how to make trade more simple and flexible for both the company and the customer.

In Conclusion

When you intend to make a career in data science, you need to understand that though you will get a competitive salary and high growth for your career, you also need to be committed to your work. Additionally, consider yourself a superhero who has the necessary skills and capabilities to collect and organize humongous data. If you want a unique job that sets you apart from the general public and basic jobs, while offering you the highest salary, then data science is your best bet!

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