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2022 is the right learning path for Data Science?

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The word Data Science itself was enough to grab your attention right?

In fact, everyone's attention is drawn towards it because of the massive growth in the last few years.

According to a survey by Linkedin the job growth has been 650% since 2012. that is just the job growth one can imagine the various hike that would have been possible in this field.

2022 is already here and it's the last week of the first month. Can 2022 be your life changing point? Allow me to share some facts with respect to 2022 and Data Science

Why data science?

You might have seen the same question in many places and even would have asked many people. So, let me keep it simple and on point.

Average Salary of Data Scientist is 6Lpa. NO! It's NOT restricted only to CS graduates.

it is applicable to anyone who has taken this path and worked on it. On top of it, Data Science is greatly in demand. It is LinkedIn's fastest-growing job and is expected to create 11.5 million jobs by 2026.

Currently a Data Science professional with just 3-10 years of experience can earn from 25-65Lakhs. This makes Data Science a highly profitable career option.

From this itself you would have known the growth is higher than any other field in the IT industry.

Is 2022 late to start a field in Data Science?

Internet users generate about 2.5 trillion bytes of data in a day, and now its value has surpassed oil as well.

Who do you think are gonna analyse most of it?

Data science deals with just handling data manipulating it to perform advanced analysis.

Generation of data from all the companies can never be stopped. Hence, the job requirement in this field will always be soaring.

Tools like data robot and AutoML are required by most companies to build predictive models by processing and interpreting data.

Most companies have started investing on it. These all can be only developed by Data Scientists.

Big Data Analytics market is set to reach 103$ billion by 2023, and without the expertise of Data Scientist professionals who are proficient at handling, managing, analyzing and understanding trends in data, Big Data is nothing.

The branch of Data Science is really vast. New areas that have also been developed widely in this year which include AutoML,Data mesh,edge devices,MLops, and quantum computing.

Advancements in these areas have just begun so you can realize how demands will keep increasing in this year.

Can I still have a great growth in Data science or is it just a hype?

It is predicted that by 2025 Data Scientists will be earning the most due to the shortage in the supply.

A data scientist from Pune with just 4 years of experience got 200% hike in salary.

You believe it or not, that's the demand in market. The better you be in this field the better becomes your salary.

Not to mention there is almost no industries that do no not require Data Science professionals. It is widely used in health-care, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce industries.

Data science is a very flexible field. As such, you will have the opportunity to work in many different fields helping in your development and being efficient.

Data manipulation has helped the huge companies to save lot of money, by assisting companies to make smarter business decisions.

It is the very reason why most companies are implementing it to provide best service to the customers.

In the ever-evolving field of data science, new advances and discoveries in research are accelerating rapidly. You can always learn something new and make your daily work exciting.


Data Science has transformed our lives. Even though Data Science has been developing so much, further discoveries and advancements will surely be created in this field and will not stop.

We cannot neglect the fact that it helps make some decisions that can add increase the profit to any business in a very effective way.

Each discovery opens the opportunity to a ton of people and people already with experience will be valued and respected even more.

One of the biggest benefits of being a data scientist is that you can take advantage of technology and become part of something with great potential.

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