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A career in Finance and Investment banking is something most of you dream about. Also if you are passionate about numbers and statistics then pursuing a career in it must be an obsession to so many of you. But what exactly in Finance? A great career option in the field of finance is that of a Financial Analyst. In today's growing world, businesses and start-ups need a professional to manage and assess their performance in financial terms. For this, a Financial Analyst plays an important role.

Who is a Financial Analyst?

Let's start with the basics. A Financial Analyst is a professional who analyzes the financial data and utilizes their analytical skills for the company's sound financial decision making. A financial analyst may expertise in different roles as a

  • 1. Security Analyst
  • 2. Research Analyst
  • 3. Equity Analyst
  • 4. Investment Analyst
  • 5. Investment Strategy Analyst
  • 6. Rating Analyst

The job description of a Financial Analyst typically include

  • 1. Financial Modelling for decision making
  • 2. Evaluating performance and applying it for financial optimization
  • 3. Keep in track of the current market trends and apply them for the financial analysis
  • 4. Helping companies or clients in making financial choices
  • 5. Budgeting is yet another important role for a financial analyst.

Leveraging the skills in day to day decision making makes this role tenacious yet most rewarding. The work of a financial analyst is no more just limited to Balance sheets and P&L, today an analyst needs to stay ahead of multiple data sources which affects the number on them and with the right expertise and passion, this becomes one of the most rewarding career choices with opportunities coming in from multiple domains.

What are the key skills required for a Financial Analyst?

A financial analyst as we mentioned plays an important role in the financial decisions of a business. This role extends from making financial models to analyzing the current market situation, performing business analysis, crunching important numbers, and interviewing the top management team of various companies for the decision-making process. The 5 important skills of a financial analyst include:

Research and Analytical skills- A financial analyst should be keen on understanding the data to analyse it and for that, research plays an important role. A misleading research will eventually lead to a misleading analysis that may further lead to an improper or misleading analysis. Thus, being good at researching the current market trends along with analyzing the data for a successful decision-making process is a must for a Financial Analyst.

Mathematical Skills- Math is the basis when it comes to Finance. A financial analyst has to have strong mathematical skills. As the main role of a financial analyst is to deal with complex numbers, having mathematical skills is a must for any financial analyst. A financial analyst has a job that is centric towards quantitative analysis and thus a strong command over formulas is a much-required skill. Some of these skills include Financial statements ratio analysis,Valuation techniques such as NPV and DCF, Percentages, Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, Basic statistics and Basic probability

Problem Solving Skills- As the role describes itself as an analyst in its name, a must-have skill for a financial analyst is to be able to solve problems. Understanding the complexity of a company's financial working is a tedious and demanding task which requires an aptitude for logical problem solving skills. To have to understand the complex researched data and solve the errors is an important skill required for any financial analyst. To get in-depth of the problem and solve it is a major role. This skill is necessary for any financial analyst to acquire for a successful career.

Having an insight for the Future- A financial analyst analyzes the data and creates visualization reports. Having made an analysis report in consideration of the future and making a decision is a crucial skill required for a financial analyst. Having a forward-looking vision always adds an extra benefit to gain a more professional approach.

Keeping up with Technology- Having a degree or a bookish knowledge is not enough. With changing times, technology plays an important role in the role of a Financial Analyst. As it is seen that the implication of data science in the finance field isn’t very different than in any other fields. Companies rely on analytical findings like using time series to predict profit or using statistics to work with larger financial data. Companies on a daily basis rely on data scientists even in the finance sector to detect fraud or focus on budgetary controls, or even identify what the customer demands from the company.

So how do you get certified to become a Financial Analyst?

Having a bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics or related subjects is important for any Financial Analyst. But along with this, having an additional certification qualifies you for better opportunities.

Confused as to where to enrol yourself? Well, we'll make it easy for you. Business Toys offers a certified professional course to become a Financial Analyst. The course is delivered live online and concepts are taught using real industry cases only.

The syllabus of the course includes-

  • 1. Fundamentals of Analytics for Finance
  • 2. Statistical methods for Finance
  • 3. Building financial products using analytics
  • 4. Analytics-driven Financial models
  • 5. DataBase concepts using SQL
  • 6. Machine Learning for Financial Analytics
  • 7. Financial Data visualization
  • 8. Time-Series forecasting
  • 9. Advanced Financial Modeling
  • 10. Financial Project Planning
  • 11. Future of Finance

What are the key highlights of this certification programme?

  • 1. The course includes 150+ hours of training sessions by industry experts.
  • 2. It comes with a package of 40+ assignments along with the learning model.
  • 3. The course emphasizes the mentoring of their students while considering their convenience of learning schedules.
  • 4. The course also offers free LMS access for 18 months along with recorded lectures of each session.
  • 5. The programme offers endless placement support and zero cost EMI options for the payment of the fees.
  • 6. Internationally recognized certification
  • 7. Unique certification identification number for authentication
  • 8. Real-time validation check through the website
  • 9. Accepted by top multinationals

Along with this, to stress the technological aspect and need in the field of Finance, the course provides the use of various tools like Tableau, Excel, Jupyter, NumPy, MySQL, Keras, Bloomberg and top skills required for getting a job in the field

To come to a conclusion, a Financial Analyst is a career worth giving a shot. And Business Toys is the best option to kick start your career as a Financial Analyst. The course offers a recognised certification along with endless placement support.

Business Toys always keeps in touch with current trends and are providing knowledge about the useful tools which are important for financial analysis.

Business toys has 1.2+ Lakh Total verified recruiters. 1.7+ Lakh Annual Jobs posted. 12+ Lakh Total registered users. The cost of the course is estimated at Rs. 79,999 with an additional Rs.5,000 off for a one-time payment option and a no-cost EMI option for fee payment in instalments.

To learn more about the course visit or feel free to contact us on +91 9019 366 831

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