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Top 5 job profiles an aspiring data scientist should target post covid

Table of Contents
  1. Data Analyst

  2. Machine Learning Engineer

  3. Machine Learning Scientist

  4. Applications Architect

  5. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Toys - Learning paths for Data Science aspirants

Reskilling and upskilling are the need of the hour if you are planning to find a job in the field of data science post covid. Covid has changed the demands of the public, the priorities and hence business strategies of companies. Some of the previously popular data science skill sets have now become obsolete with remote working now becoming a norm.

You might be wondering which are the skills you can work on to get a lucrative job offer in data science post covid. To understand that, you will have to know which job profiles you should be targeting post covid. Here we list 5 job profiles.

These job profiles are likely to become most relevant in the post covid world as testified by several founders and recruiters on LinkedIn. Advanced skills like Natural Language Processing that aim at delivering better customer service will get more relevance. Check out these 5 job profiles and start preparing now as the pandemic relaxes and the world tries to move back to normality.

Data Analyst

Data analysts are given the responsibility to manipulate and transform large data sets. You will have to understand the relevance of this data in terms of business and analyse it with that perspective too. Data analysts hence also help higher-level executives to understand the large sets of data and eke out conclusions from them.

Business Toys - Learning paths for Data Science aspirants

You would need to have proper knowledge of tracking web analytics and A/B testing. As more and more companies try to go digital and enter social media and other platforms of the digital space. Data analysts get the job to market research and convey consumer behaviour and more to the company heads.

You would need to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree along with logical ability. Having several years of experience also helps get jobs in more reputed companies. You should be able to demonstrate mathematical ability and programming skills. If you are looking to prepare for it, SQL, Python and Oracle should be the top of your priority.

These programming skills are given preference by recruiters. The salary is also on the top tier in the field and that's why data analyst has been the preferred role among data scientists since long.

Machine Learning Engineer

One of the top-paying jobs right now in data science, the job profile is going to be even popular post covid. That's because delivering software solutions will be the demand for most companies that are trying to go digital and working remotely.

Business Toys - Learning paths for Data Science aspirants

You may need to create smooth applications, create data funnels and run tests to ensure everything is on track. You would need to monitor the system functionality and performance as well to ensure all the functions work-integrated and smoothly.

Becoming a machine learning engineer though requires you to have strong statistical skills. Your programming game should also be on top to ensure you can find solutions to most software problems.

If you have previous experience in machine learning and programming, you can expect to land the upgraded job of a machine learning engineer. Online courses are the way to go if you want to get this job post covid. Implement projects and gain practical experience, you can also go freelancing in the field.

You can also grab online certifications and enhance your CV for the high paying job.

Machine Learning Scientist

Another very exciting upcoming role in the field of data science, a machine learning scientist has to work more on the research part than analysis. You would have to research more algorithms, supervised learning techniques and more. It is basically about learning to find new approaches to data collecting and analysis.

Your job title may also be a research scientist or engineer. You would need to be adept at researching preferably having completed a PhD before. This job profile will only be suitable if you are a post-graduate.

Research has become even more important as consumer behaviour has changed with the pandemic. You need to be up to date with the latest preferences, modes of communication and more to perform well in this role.

Applications Architect

This role specialises in designing applications and supervising them. The whole office staff now has to cooperate with working from home and office. For projects to be streamlined and for proper teamwork, the applications should be working smoothly

You will also be in charge of working on your company's application and review how users are using your app. As the name suggests, the job profile requires you to update features, user interface and app infrastructure.

The job is pretty challenging and fast-paced. Almost all companies need this job profile and hence you can get this if you are capable enough. You would need to adept at testing and creating apps.

A computer science degree is preferred while getting online or offline certifications are pretty handy. You can opt for certificate courses in architectural design and such to improve your chances of getting a job in the profile. It is one of the highest paying jobs because of the high demand and relatively low competition.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analysts are responsible for ensuring that the information collected through various channels is utilized properly. You have to know how to operate BI tools and will need to provide proper clarification of how the application works

The end users are dependent upon BI analysts to understand the BI tools and applications. That means you have to be pretty clear about your role and concepts of business intelligence to become a BI analyst.

The role requires you to be a technical expert in AI as well as have an understanding of business and management. Your role will be more focused on the management part of things and hence having a PG in management or even a certificate course would do well to earn you a placement here.

Having an MBA will hold you in good stead and having relevant experience in handling business projects can give you an edge here. The job is one of the highest paying ones in the field and you don't want to miss this if you have an MBA degree in hand.

These were some of the job profiles you are best off targeting in the field of data science post covid. Covid has surely put a huge dent in the world economy but data science is one field that has been thriving in the time. And it will grow even more after this ends and you should start preparing for these high paying opportunities now.

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