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Why Is Data Science A Popular Career Prospect?

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In today’s era, the toughest thing to do is choosing the right career path in our lives. Honestly, it is no less than gambling, one wrong move, and it will ruin your whole life!

First of all, what options do you have?

Well, a decade ago, there were just three options, engineering, medical and arts, that’s all, but the 2000s is the era that has shown so much progress and innovation that nothing is impossible anymore, now you can do courses that you would have never imagined to exist. Now, you have too many options to choose from; if you spend your time on social media and it fascinates you, then you can do a social media course and get a job in any social media company.

So, a while back, have you ever thought that Google would help you to find answers? Or Siri will do as you ask, or AI like Alexa will be everyone’s virtual assistant?

Well, for example, do you think someone with a management degree created Facebook because if you do, then you are wrong! Mark Zuckerberg created it, who studied computer science and psychology. So, what you should understand with this example is that you can do wonders if you are on the right track and at the right time.

Let’s say if Mark Zuckerberg was pursuing an MBA degree, then could he have created this incredible social media platform. He chose something that he was good at, and he knew that choosing computer science will lead him to the right track.

Well, without further ado, let’s understand what’s the need of the hour and in which direction should you go.

Everyone is talking about a revolutionary technology, and that is Data Science. We produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and any professional who can organize this humongous data to offer a solution can be the hero in today’s world.

Why is data science a popular career prospect?

Big Data is the new oil!

Because of Big data and AI, the demand for data scientists and data science skills is increasing exponentially. Andrew Flowers, an economist at Indeed and the author of Indeed report, said, “the job of a data scientist has only grown sexier.”

The January report from Indeed shows a 29% increase in demand for data scientists each year and a 344% increase since 2013. Similarly, a report from another technology job site, ‘Dice’, showed a 32% increase in demand for data science skills.

These reports and statements are enough evidence to pursue a career in the data science field. Don’t you think?

As exciting and ludicrous a data scientist job might seem, there are very many solid reasons why it can be the game-changer for your career.

The high demand for data experts

Companies know that data is the solution to all their problems. When it comes to devising marketing plans or improving product appeal, it is the thorough research that you will do as a data scientist does that come to their rescue.  All firms, from as big as Heineken to small budding firms, have given in to the prospects it offers to boost their growth. As a data scientist, your job would not be limited to collecting huge pools of data, but you will also have to screen it and then analyze it and then report your findings to various teams. Only then they can move forward with the policy-making process.

Tremendous opportunity for growth

Data science is a budding field, and there is a lot of work for you to do. Your role in data science in tackling competition is under-rated, and companies are willing to give you as much money as you can ask for in a field as new as this. Also, since this is a new field, there is very little competition, which only boosts your chance of grabbing a job and growing through your career ladder.

An unbeaten pay scale (even for freshers)

If you happen to be a data scientist, then your pay scale is determined simply by your experience because more the experience, easier will be the job for you. Taking the example of data scientists in the US, with an experience of 0.5 years, you get an average pay of $89,000. If you have the top-notch experience of 20+ years in the field, then this figure touches $148,000. Be it any other job profile that you prefer; your starting pay scale is going to be ludicrous as will be your work, and that is something all of you want.

Data science AKA rocket science is not true

Data science for sure sounds like this extremely tough task to accomplish, but let me clear this for you. You just need basic knowledge of data-driven programming languages like SA, R, Python along with knowledge of statistics, data mining, and so on, depending on your job profile. In the end, all your work narrows down to a few steps that you need to perform repetitively. And once you start, getting a knack of it is very easy.

A number of job profiles under this umbrella

Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data engineer, data analyst, business data analyst, etc. are few of the job profiles data science offers. Every data science job uses some basic knowledge of data-based programming languages. What differs among all these profiles is how you interpret the pool of data you have in your hands. So, without much of a difference, you get to be a part of a very dynamic and multidimensional field.

This one crackerjack of a field is the table turner for all business, big and small. But who gets to make the difference and to put things into motion? It is you. All the resorts that this field offers is the finest and most dynamic fruit of technology.

As a start, you need to seek career guidance from the top figures of this multi-facet industry before you start taking your own lessons to build your portfolio. It narrows down to the point where it becomes almost a habit to you because data science is this big game, the more you play it, the better you’ll become as a player.

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