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Why should you pick Digital Business Analyst as a career?

Table of Contents
Who is a Digital Business Analyst?
Why did the role of business analysts shift digital?
What are the skills required for a Digital Business Analyst?
Why is Digital Business Analytics a preferred career option?

Why should you pick Digital Business Analyst as a career?

It is enough said and done about who a business analyst is and what the roles are like, but to brief you about it, a business analyst is a professional who works as an agent for the business as well as the stakeholders. A BA plays an important role in the smooth flowing of the business. The analysis of a business analyst professional is the most crucial for an organisation to attain its desired organisational goals. A business analyst pitches about the product, processes and systems of the business in association with the current trends and need of the market to earn the desired profits for a business with the help of systematic data analysis.

To stress, the important skills required to become a business analyst , here are a few we could list down for you

  • • A BA should be excellent in communication skills as they act as a bridge between the organisation and the customer.
  • • As the name goes, business analyst, they should possess great analytical skills to understand the customer needs based on the current business trends.
  • • A problem-solving attitude is a must for a good business analyst.

Who is a Digital Business Analyst?

The key factor that separates a business analyst from a digital business analyst is the use of technology in a well-planned and organised manner to meet the required goals. Along with this, the role also focuses on client needs and expectations from a business in the digital era, i.e., on the online platform.

The main role of a BA is to understand the requirements of the stakeholders from the organisation and to analyse and implement these changes by forming strategies by means of data collection and analysis of the current market situation. The same applies to a digital business analyst but a digital business analyst is more centric towards the online market analysis and data orientation than the traditional BA. In short, a digital business analyst pitches the organisation about the digital transformation while keeping both the business and customer satisfaction in mind.

Why did the role of business analysts shift digital?

The reasons are pretty simple. Even though businesses expect pretty much the same outputs from a BA, they have a more centric approach to the functioning of these professionals. With the transformations happening so rapidly in technology, businesses have adapted to this atmosphere and shifted online too. Businesses want their digital dominance to compete and stand out from others.

Therefore, the role of business analysts has shifted from offline to online. The two most important factors which contributed towards the drastic shift could be:

  • • Technological Advancements: With technology growing and advancing every day, businesses have changed their platforms from offline to online. A need for establishing an online presence has become a necessity. Thus, businesses are now demanding business analysts who have knowledge about technical analysis along with non-technical skills.
  • • Customer Predominance: As the world is growing online, so is the market. A lot of people who own business in similar fields now have an option to expose their business online. Due to this, the need for changing towards online markets and targeting their desired audience has become a need for the hour for most of the business. With so many options available and with an increase in competition, the customer has become the king. The need to understand the customer behaviour on the online platform is the most important goal for any business. By understanding their needs and the current market trends on the digital platform, organisations are trying to keep up with the changing times.

What are the skills required for a Digital Business Analyst?

The interpersonal skills which a digital business analyst requires are more or less the same as any other business analysts. To name a few we could list-

  • • Interpersonal skills
  • • Problem-solving skills
  • • Analytical and decision-making skills
  • • Strong Presentation skills

All these skills are shifted online. To be more precise, the skills are used for the promotions, presence and profit making of the business on a digital platform. The other technical skills include-

  • • Web development
  • • Social media strategy planning
  • • Programming languages
  • • Data analysis and Design thinking
  • • Statistical analysis and critical thinking
  • • In-depth Domain knowledge
  • • Customer behaviour
  • • SEM
  • • PPC
  • • SEO
  • • Advance Excel
  • • Tableau
  • • SQL

By possessing the knowledge about these technical and non-technical skills, a digital business analyst improves his chance of getting hired than others.

Why is Digital Business Analytics a preferred career option?

The industry is now looking for professionals who have great digital knowledge of business analytics over traditional business analysts. As we mentioned about the changing business trends, an organisation prefers a digital business analyst to meet the right organisational goals along with profits.

Thus, a digital business analyst plays an important role in the changing and fast-moving technical world: By implementing the current need of the market, the digital business analyst would be the perfect choice for the candidates who wish to pursue a career in the same field.

What should the ideal learning pattern for a business analyst look like?

  • • The right digital business analytic guidance is the one that offers a learning pattern including technical and non-technical skills.
  • • It should cover all the key highlights that are important for a business analyst starting with the basics of business analytics and climbing up the staircase to advanced topics. These include the use of tools like SQL and Tableau and programming languages as well.
  • • Working on live projects is a part of the curriculum. So, look for the course that offers you workshops about real-time projects in the field of digital business analytics.
  • • The most important thing to look at before enrolling for a course in business analytics is to check if the certification offered by them is recognised and accepted in the industry.
  • • Along with this, it is important to check if the certificate offered by the institute is valid.
  • • The next important thing to make sure about is the placements offered. Do not fall for fake assurances and make a thorough check-up about the background of the institute you wish to enrol yourself in.

To become a professional Digital Business Analyst a combination of technical, non-technical and inter personal skills is equally important. Hence, it is important to select the right institute that focuses on both the expertise. A Digital Business Analyst plays an important role in every organisation for boosting their business on the digital platform and creating their presence in an effective manner. This is the right time to start a career in the field and a perfect opportunity to kick start your journey as a Digital Business Analyst.

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