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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning with Business Toys
Why should I learn from Business Toys?
Here are just a few reasons to enroll at Business Toys.
  • Business Toys is a pioneer in the analytics and data science industry of India.
  • We believe in celebrating learning in every class. And that is why we have developed a unique teaching & learning pedagogy full of practical learning experiences delivered via Games, Simulations, Industry case studies, videos, and Capstone projects.
  • We provide personalized learning experiences to every learner while hand-holding him/her throughout the journey with us until they achieve their dream job.
  • We not only train students on domain skills like Data Science, Investment Banking, etc. but also on aptitude, communications and other essential skills.
  • Associated with NASSCOM and recognized by IIT Madras, IIM Calcutta, etc.
  • We have highly qualified industry experts as our trainers.
  • We provide assistance in building a wonderful resume for you.
  • Provide end to end internship and placement support.
  • We help you crack your interview questions.
  • Help optimize your profile on renowned job portals such as
  • Free knowledge sharing sessions every month.
Still not satisfied or convinced? Then we recommend that you read through our success stories here :
What all courses do you offer?
We offer courses for professionals and graduate students in the field of Technology, Management and Finance. We have courses in Data Science, Big Data, Financial analyst, Business analyst HR analyst, and investment banking.
Are your courses for short term or long term?
We provide courses for both short term and long term. Our professional programs (Long term) include Data Science, Big Data and Investment banking. Our short term courses include Business analyst, HR analyst and financial analyst.
What is the duration of short term courses?
Course duration for short term programs is 80+ Hours
What if a student needs more time to complete a course? Will you provide extra hours?
Yes, we do. We will extend the duration of your training and assign an instructor to you so that you can easily and with confidence to complete the course you opted for. And relax, we don’t charge an extra penny for this.
What is the duration of professional courses?
Course duration for professional programs is 200+ hours
Can I undertake 2 courses at a time? For eg: Big Data and Data science
You can but we will not recommend doing that because every course leads to a different career path. You need to decide the right career path for yourself and commence training to get hands-on knowledge to become the best in that particular career.
I need help to decide which career and course is best suited for me
At business toys, we are always available to help students make the right professional choice for themselves. You can avail counseling session with us by contacting at or call us at +91 9019 366 831
I am a management graduate with a keen interest in big data and data science. Can I take up the data science course with my qualification?
Yes, definitely. You don’t need to be an IT graduate to learn about big data or data science. Likewise, you don’t need to be a business graduate to learn about any of our analytic courses. All we require from you is to have a keen interest in the subject or program you desire to learn and we will teach you everything from scratch.
How is data science course offered at business toys different from other institutes?
Unlike other institutes, business toys provide students with a full-stack data solutions program where we teach and embark information on multiple tools such as R, Python, SQL, Tableau, Excel, etc rather than providing them as single courses. Our professional data science program strengthens you with intricate knowledge which increases your chances of entering the analytics industry at a better position and higher salary. Moreover, unlike most institutes our focus is more on practical learning. All the topics covered are done via Industry cases and backed with strong theoretical background. Hence, enabling better concept clarity and in depth understanding to help you be better equipped to work on challenging projects.
What is the teaching methodology of business toys that makes learning interesting for students?
Our teaching methodology is more practical oriented rather than lecture-based. Our lectures are only 5% of what we teach. Rest of our methodology includes – Games, simulations, model building, video learning, case studies, corporate interactions, interview oriented learning, etc.
Do I need to clear any entrance exam before taking up the course?
No, you don’t. However, we recommend that before signing up for any course, you take up a mentoring session with us so that you can develop better understanding weather the course you are opting for is the right choice for you or not.
Do you provide any free courses to learn data science, big data, machine learning, investment banking, etc?
We don’t have free courses as such; however, we provide on demand free demo sessions for every learning path i.e. for Data Science, Big Data and Investment Banking. We also conduct free knowledge sharing programs or a meetup to make community attentive towards new and upcoming technologies, case studies, software tools, competitions, and etc. At times we also invite industry experts to talk to our students about trending topics, technologies, and job profiles. Our meetups are conducted twice in a month either at a particular venue or through a live webinar.
Why should I attend the Meetups held by Business Toys?
Through our free knowledge sharing programs we are providing you with a fantastic opportunity to enhance your skill-set and knowledge in varied subjects. You get the benefit of networking and connecting with the best brains from the analytics and Data Science Industry, and finally, our meetups improve your career prospective.
Mode of Teaching
What is the delivery mode for all your courses?
We provide online instructor led courses.
How can I join in your online course? What is the medium of teaching?
We use ZOOM platform to impart training sessions for students. We provide live online sessions where the student-teacher ratio is 10:1.
What kind of system configuration do I need for online training programs?
You may opt for a laptop or a desktop with minimum of Intel core i3 processor, 4GB RAM or higher hardware configuration. On software end you must have Windows 10 or higher operating system and Microsoft Office installed to start with. Out technical team will help you with installation of other software requirements once you opt for the course.
Course Fee & Payments
What is the fee structure for the courses offered?
Please visits the programs page to learn more about the fee structure for individual programs
Can the fee be paid in installments?
Yes, for professional programs you can pay the fee in 4 installments. For short term programs, you can make the fee payment in 2 installments.
Completion of Course and certification
How do you assess students for a program?
We provide capstone projects to students to assess their knowledge on the course they opted for.
What is a capstone project?
A Capstone project is a versatile and challenging assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically at the end of an academic program or learning-pathway experience. Capstone projects help showcase your educational accomplishments. They are intended to encourage students to use the critical thinking skills that they have acquired through their course training to solve problems.
Do you provide a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, we do.
Is the certification provided by business toys recognized by the industry?
Yes, it is. Business toys is the preferred training and hiring partner for the top companies in India. Our certification is widely regarded and recognized as the best in analytics, big data, and data science. We are also associated with NASSCOM and recognized by IIT Madras, and IIM Calcutta to provide students with the best learning opportunities to upscale their career path.
Business Toys for Corporate
Your upskilling employees' program is designed for whom?
At Business Toys we provide in-house corporate training to employees on new and emerging technologies that are transforming the IT, finance, analytics, and data science industries of India. Our partnership with industry leaders has helped us to make working professionals future-ready using the latest and industry-specific curriculum so that employees can stay abreast with the current developments in the field of finance, management, analytics, and data science.
How can we partner with Business Toys for our corporate training programs?
To partner with Business Toys for one of your corporate training, please get in touch with us at or call us at +91 9019 366 831
Can we hire students from Business Toys?
Yes, definitely. We will help you to recruit the best and most relevant talent for the openings in your company. For more information please get in touch with us as at or call us at +91 9019 366 831
Business Toys for Institutes and Universities
Your upskilling students' program is designed for whom?
Our partnership with top universities has helped us to provide unique and industry-led training programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students pan India. Our tailor-made upskilled programs offer students the opportunity to interact and network with the best minds in the industry, which in turn opens immeasurable placement opportunities for them.
How can we partner for your upskilling student program?
To partner with Business Toys for one of your corporate training, please get in touch with us at or call us at +91 9019 366 831
We are happy to clear any of your queries!
Join our hands to build a successful careers for now and future.