Our Vision

To empower every individual with skills needed for future careers

Our Mission
To continuously research on upcoming skills.
To provide opportunities to up-skill people through professional training programs, while offering personalized support with best-in-class faculties & Industry professionals.
To implement teaching innovations to create a learning environment that is both fun and memorable for students.
Our Story

Each day we come across people who have completed their graduation, yet, they are unable to find a suitable profession. We also meet people whose career growth has stagnated, and they are confused about how to climb further in their career. Besides, this generation is all about break-through in technologies and emerging technologies which will change the functionality of industries, and people are still struggling to learn it.

Hence, to combat the problems that people face in their career, and to help them be future- ready to take on the modern economy, SKILLPHUL BUSINESS TOYS PRIVATE LIMITED Private Limited was born. SKILLPHUL BUSINESS TOYS PRIVATE LIMITED was founded in December 2016 by alumni of IIM Calcutta, Mr. Omkar Raikar, Mr. Uttam Tiwari. Their passion to transform careers and provide improved future prospects for working professionals and graduate students, helped them to successfully establish SKILLPHUL BUSINESS TOYS PRIVATE LIMITED which is an Ed-tech company.

At SKILLPHUL BUSINESS TOYS PRIVATE LIMITED, we offer programs such as Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning, Management, finance, and etc. We also keep researching and provide courses on disruptive and emerging technologies which have huge job prospects and demand in the market.

At SKILLPHUL BUSINESS TOYS PRIVATE LIMITED, we consider that “education should be celebrated” and we whole-heatedly incorporate this culture in both our classroom and online training platforms. We integrate web- based simulations into our teaching methodology, to create a learning environment which is both enjoyable and exciting for students. In this way, they can easily grasp theoretical concepts, practical applications, and models taught in the class.

At SKILLPHUL BUSINESS TOYS PRIVATE LIMITED, we do not simply up-skill students. For the reason that when students come to us they have expectations that, after completing the course they will get better job prospects. And, this is where we help them.

After completing the course, we guide students toward making a successful career transition. We help them walk a guided professional path and support them in building their profile, resume, and connecting the students with relevant people in the industry. In short, we handhold students till they don’t find the right opportunity for themselves And we can proudly say that till date, we have successfully transformed more than 6000 careers over the last 3 years.

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