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Our Teaching Methodology

Our Teaching Methodology

At Business Toys,

we strongly believe that knowledge retention and a great learning experience can only be achieved through student engagement. We understand that classroom lectures and theoretical teaching approach are not enough to capture the attention of students, where complex and technical subjects are involved, Eg: Data Science and Machine Learning. That is why we are constantly evolving and adapting our teaching methodologies to make learning as exciting as possible for our students.
In order to ensure active student participation in our classes be in online or offline, we keep varying our teaching styles depending on the modules, subject matter, understanding level of the students, and other factors. In this way, we can make sure that students are able to grasp the concepts well, and in future can apply them in their profession.
We use a blend of classroom discussions and interactive teaching methods as our training techniques. Moreover, we provide our students with a supportive learning environment so that they dive deep into the subject and don’t feel overwhelmed by its complexity. By doing so, we can make sure that students are thoroughly engaged and focused on their learning sessions. Here are few of the teaching methodologies we use to impart knowledge to students


It is a known fact that games are healthy and important for learning. They help students understand and grasp the concepts of even the most complex subject very well. That is the reason why we are the first of its kind in the industry who have gamified learning in higher education. We use games as a teaching tool because our experience has revealed to us that training through games enhances the attention span of students, sparks interest in them, and in turn leads to an overall effective learning experience. At Business Toys, our games are designed and developed in a way where students can learn concepts such as statistics in a playful and exciting manner.


Simulations are designed and built to represent real-life situations into a graphical computer program. We model real-time case studies into simulations to help students get the experience of applying their learning into practical situations. We believe that complex concepts like understanding working on stock markets, data science, and etc can be easily comprehended using simulation as a teaching tool.

Case studies

At Business Toys, we have seen that students learn better with examples. The real-life scenario of case studies creates awareness and relevance to the application of theoretical concepts being taught in class. When working on case studies, students have to evaluate and analyze data presented in the case, reflect on applicable theory, draw conclusions, and in the end present their clarifications and answers. By working on cases, students get good practical exposure on different topics, and they get experience on how problems are solved in real-time at industry level. With our extensive corporate network across different industries, we have designed more than 1500 case studies for diverse courses. Every concept or new modules that we teach at Business Toys we introduce a new case study. Hence, students not only enjoy learning but are empowered with education and experience that gives them exposure to the real world.

Live projects

After completion of every module, students of Business Toys get the opportunity to work on live projects. By doing so, the students get to first-hand experience the real-world challenges that arise in the industry. Besides, working on live projects helps the students gain better understanding of concepts; also, in turn, they can create an impressive resume for themselves.

Audio and visual aides

Audio and visual teaching mode provides a concrete basis for conceptual thinking. These tools generate a high degree of interest for students, and in turn make learning experience more concrete, more realistic and more dynamic. Moreover, videos are instructional device that students can keep referring to as and when they need to clear any concepts. At Business Toys, we record videos for critical topics that require in-depth explanation. We use videos for both our classroom training and online instructor-led training.

Role play & Group Discussion

At Business Toys, we conduct role plays and group discussions to encourage better participation and to build confidence among students. Role plays have proven to be an effective learning tool in offline classroom activities. When it comes to online instructor-led training, we conduct group discussions which are monitored by our expert trainers on different topics (technical as well as non-technical).


Effective communication is vital for all research-oriented job positions. Besides having strong problem-solving skills, it' s important for students to be armed with fine presentation skills as well. That is why we encourage students to present their analysis so that they can develop and sharpen their skills. For every case study that we allot to our students, they are required to present the same to their peers. These presentations are monitored by industry experts who are also instructors at Business Toys.

Participating in Hackathons

Hackathons are proving to be a very effective teaching and learning tool for modern classrooms. They enable students to become more competitive and allow them to independent thinkers and problem solvers. At Business toys, we regularly conduct Hackathons within batches and also among all our students. Moreover, we make it compulsory for our students to attend Hackathons conducted over platforms like Kaggle.
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