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Data Science
turned my career

Vaishali Sharma

Deputy Manager of Analytics, AU Small Finance Bank


Hi, I am Vaishali and I am penning down my journey from how Data Science happened to me
and how I came so far with it. Hope you find this really helpful and I wish you luck.

A little about myself:

I am Vaishali and belong to North East Shillong. We are a family of four- my father owns a sweet shop, a married sister employed at Suisse Re, London, a younger brother who is preparing for CA and my lovely mom who rules and commands us. There has always been a very healthy competition amongst all the siblings and we grew up in a very studious environment. Academically I always excelled and scored well. Since standard-1, in school itself, I used to always rank first in class. In 10th I scored a 94% and 12th grade, I scored 85%. The thing is, once you start to perform well, the expectations from parents and society increases. To meet these expectations, I took up engineering, majors being Electronics and Communication. However, things did not go my way and I did not get the opportunities that I wanted. I entered the line of teaching and spent a good span of 5 years with students ranging from Kindergarten to the ones preparing for Government services. But my very belief that one should never settle drove me towards Data Science.

Journey towards Data Science:

I once thought of getting ahead with teaching but to scale up my career in that domain I was required to pursue a PHD and I was really reluctant in the same. This is when I decided on having a career switch. After lots of surveys on what will suit the best for career transition, I realized my future in Data Science would prove lucrative enough and I started a second round survey on how and where to start this venture. And after like 8 months of blind and extensive searching on the web, thankfully I connected with Adarsh , a mentor at Business Toys, On LinkedIn and I cannot be thankful enough to him for not giving up on me for the kind of questions I asked him and the effort he put in encouraging me to pursue Data Science.

Journey with Business Toys:

So, finally when Adarsh convinced me to take up the course, there still was some fear in me about whether I ll be able to pull this off or not and my negativity started to overshadow me. He then connected me to Omkar and he instantly understood my state of mind and consoled me with one magical statement- “ You just trust the mentors here and follow every instruction paying attention to the minute details and I assure you success”. I still call it magical because this very assurance by him got me to register for the Full Stack Data Science Professional Program. In return for this assurance he just asked me for a hundred percent dedication from my end. I went for the first session, where I saw Omkar teaching with a very industrial based approach. He didn't make the delivery of concepts boring and this fascinated me a lot. Gradually, we moved ahead with concepts and different mentors started coming into the story. Manikanta Sir again made learning interesting and fun as well. He never planned on crashing with the syllabus but always focused on building the foundation. He made sure each student understood every concept from the basics. All the projects they chose to teach us with, were real time industrial ones that kept the enthusiasm on.

All these mentors- Omkar, Manikanta, Vasista were so friendly and approachable, we could reach out to them whenever and wherever we got stuck via mail, text or a call. Also, they used to take up the doubts of the previous session before beginning a fresh one. The best was what, Business Toys is so considerate and full of empathy that they never ran after any student for fees. Slowly and eventually, I started claiming Business Toys to be my best decision then.

Placement Assistance:

They got us onboarded with the Hirist platform as the first step. Second came the resume’ building. As I already mentioned I belong to a teaching background, they molded my CV in such a way that all my past experience also fell under Data Science. When I received my first interview call, I was groomed for it with mock interviews. They prepared me thoroughly for how to communicate with the recruiter, how to talk about my projects, how to negotiate, basically they made me presentable enough to be hired.

The whole journey of Data Science with Business Toys proved to be life changing for me. My confidence hiked up to such an extent that now I can teach the subject to a newbie. On a funny note, teaching can still stay with me.

But concluding my blog on a serious note, at a time when it's really difficult to land at a good job, I bagged one at AU Small Finance Bank as Deputy Manager of Analytics. It's nothing short of a dream come true. I ll suggest and recommend all the aspirants out there to have a look over the courses that Business Toys offer. You'll surely thank me later.

Thanks for your time

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