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Found my true Passion
in Data Science!


Data Science Analyst at Accenture


Hello aspirants, I am glad to be at this end of writing my journey with Data Science
and if it helps you even a bit, It will be my pleasure.

About me:

I belong to a small family of four and have been staying in Bombay since childhood. After serving for a textile mill as a Handloom Operator for years, my dad is a retired citizen now. Other than him, I have a younger brother and my mom who completes the fam. I am very friendly by nature and an easy to go person. I am a very active person and I indulge greatly in reading. I spend quite a lot of time surfing different articles irrespective of what domain it covers. After 12th I decided to get into the field of engineering and thus did my bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I was excited enough to have bagged a job at Capgemini via college placements. There I worked for a good time but slowly realized, it wasn’t enough to meet my happiness and content working in that profile. I was exploring what to find what the next step would be, for when one of my friends suggested checking out data science. I researched about this field and since I love working with numbers, I gave it a try. I enrolled with Business Toys for their course in data science certification program in 2020. At the time of enrollment, I only knew the basics of excel and data analysis but after joining Business Toys, the coaches and mentors guided me very well. As time passed, I felt more comfortable with data science.

Learning with Business Toys

My journey at Business Toys was really good. They start with basics and then move onto more complex concepts. At the beginning, I did not know much, the coaches and instructors helped me a great deal. I didn't have that statistical background so it was difficult to get into the analytics field. Due to this reason, I had to work even harder to do the assignments, and tasks. I received such conceptual knowledge with extreme simplicity from the mentors there, that no book or I believe and quote someone else could provide me with. I would genuinely love to devote some of my words to a few people out there whom I admire from the core. I would have been a lost candidate, had I not met Omkar, Manikanta and Vasisth. Now, down the memory lane, I remember myself bothering these mentors even very late at night and I can’t recall a single chance when they missed out on me. I can’t be thankful enough to them for such personal care, mentorship and guidance to me as an individual. Also not to forget, special thanks to Harika who rowed my boats of deep learning, NLP and Computer Vision. These four made me pull this training off with utmost ease and I am quite blessed to have been mentored by them.

Placement Assistance

Before Accenture, I got three other offers that I declined. I got those offers before the completion of the program itself. I was quite overwhelmed back then. Omkar formulated my resume’ personally and guided me on how and where to apply via various job portals. Additionally, each candidate was on boarded with the Hirist job portal where we were supposed to upload our CVs and we kept getting reverted. Each student individually was helped and got assistance from the mentors regarding their assignments for the initial rounds of shortlisting. We were then made to learn the ethics and decorum on how to present ourselves in a Data Science interview. I can’t even write all that experience in these few words. This was when I realized that yes knowledge is necessary for being hired but it should be very nicely tailored with industry specific projects.. So yes, the firm did provide placement assistance to each candidate till hired.

I have had a very wonderful journey with Business Toys and won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone around. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places one can find to get the right knowledge to break into a Data Science profile.

Thanks alot for reading. Good luck fellows!

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