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Failed to secure a relevant
position in Marketing,
I switched to Data Science

Arumoy Saha

Module Lead, Mindtree


About me:

My name is Arumoy Saha and I was born and brought up in Kolkata.

I was an above-average student who despised mathematics in school. Math, on the other hand, followed me around everywhere.

As I progressed through high school, I decided to pursue engineering and joined Bengal Institute of Technologies, majors being Information Technologies. Soon I got an internship at Myntra Online Fashion Store as an analyst which even sooner got converted into a full time employment and I was on boarded as Senior Analyst.

However, due to a lack of any sense of direction, I decided to take one year of a break to decide my next career move. For many Btech graduates, the obvious next step is MBA. And I secured a fair mark to get myself a seat at IMT, Hyderabad. All I wanted was something that was less chaotic and could offer me speedy growth.

I started battling with myself, post masters in executive degree, whether to explore myself in Data Science or Digital Marketing, for I believed both of these to be really lucrative in their own domains. After a good lengthy survey, I decided to go for Data Science as I found it to be more challenging. I did various marketing projects during my MBA and wanted this new chapter in my life to be a literal fresh one.

Why Business Toys?

As I went through so many platforms that offered this course, I came across BT which had a good review and also the fact that there were very few students in one batch, strictly around ten. These made me choose BT over others.

Journey with BT

Without further ado, I called Business Toys, where I was escorted through the Data Science course and all of my questions were answered. I joined BT in January 2021, and now that I think about it, it was the best move I've ever made.

My encounter with Business Toys has changed my life. Because of the training, I was able to discover a lot of new topics that I was previously unaware of. The mentors deserve all of the credit for carefully guiding me through each subject and ensuring that we gained a good grasp.

I had no prior knowledge in Advanced Excel, SQL, Python, Data Visualization, or Dashboarding before enrolling in this course. But, with the aid of the coaches and many hours of self-study of these modules to the core, I was able to gain a thorough grasp of this totally new sector of work.


On my placement day, all of my hard work paid off when I received an offer letter from Mindtree. I was only nervous about the technical rounds on placement day because communication was not an issue for me. By successfully answering all of the SQL questions, I was able to make an impact on my recruiters!

I owe a debt of gratitude to the Business Toys mentors, particularly Omkar and Manikanta, who provided invaluable assistance with the work. I am about to join Mindtree, as the Module Lead.

For those who are undecided about pursuing a career in Data Science, I just want to assure them that you can learn Data Science and have a significant influence on your professional life, even if your academic accomplishments are below average.

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