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Data Analyst at YLG


I am Ashwin and at the time of my MBA,
I came across most trending jobs online, with which I came across Data Science,

About me:

I am Ashwin and at the time of my MBA, I came across most trending jobs online, with which I came across Data Science, that was closely related to my domain as well since my majors during MBA were HR and Finance. I was intrigued by these subjects. My research into the field led me to discover that Data Science is a high-growth area that has many opportunities in India.

One of my friends told me about Business Toys and after lots of research, I decided to enroll after going through the syllabus. BT was a wonderful experience! I am extremely grateful to my mentors for helping me through this course. I learned what I needed to know and become job-ready because of this course!

Learning Experience with BT

I really enjoyed taking the Tableau and Power BI classes - both have to do with data visualization. This course allowed me to enhance my comprehensive knowledge of Python, SQL, and Excel, even though I had some basic knowledge.

The mentors were so friendly, Uttam, Omkar and Manikanta never made me study in a monotonous way, rather taught me the way I wanted, keeping in mind what my interests were. Whenever there has been an issue, they have always helped. My smooth journey here has been influenced by these experiences.

Placement Assistance

I was sitting in college placements too and there I realized the choices were really narrow and though I was getting the offers, I wasn not satisfied. I wasn’t getting into specialization. All that was coming handy was either a plain simple HR job or accounting and that is not what I dreamt of.

The BT team helped me so much to build my resume’ and it was built in such an impressive manner with only relevant things mentioned that it would have been difficult enough to reject. I was able to answer the high-level questions my employer asked of me. I have been offered a position as a Data Analyst with YLG, and I look forward to exploring the field.

Right now, my only concern is delivering my best work as a Data Analyst. So much still needs to be learned, and I am eager to soak up every bit of it.

Hope this inspires you enough to get started. Happy learning!

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