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From python developer
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Business Analyst, Bridge i2i


In my family, I grew up with my elder sister at Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu. My father is a government employee at the Forest Department

Personal and Professional Journey

In my family, I grew up with my elder sister at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. My father is a government employee at the Forest Department and my mother is a housewife. I did my schooling from Tamil Nadu and post that I took up science. I then decided to pursue Engineering with majors being Computer Science. With respect to studies, I have always been inclined towards science.

During my engineering, I realised that I really love coding. It then struck me that I should pursue coding. I practised little by little everyday and knew that this field is meant for me. Right after my graduation ended in the year 2016, I joined PPTS as a python developer. I worked there for more than three years when I wanted to explore more about myself and then data science caught my attention.

Learning at Business Toys

By the time I made up my mind for a career in Data Science in the year 2020, I now had to end up with proper coaching or guidance for structured learning. I decided to join the Business Toys for Data Science Certification Program. The course is structured and guided. I studied everything that was in the syllabus. The problem with me was that I used to study everything. However, after joining I had more structure in terms of what I should actually learn. At Business Toys, everything was structured. A lot was taught and the onus was on the learner as well to study and work hard. They provide a lot of resources such as assignments, interview preparation that were very helpful for me. In addition to that, there were several hackathons that helped me become better. They hosted guest lectures between modules where I learnt a lot and got some great advice regarding my career. Earlier, I used to apply to several places using job portals such as Indeed but rarely got any response. That changed as we were provided with several opportunities to get a job.

Placement Process

Business Toys’ course not only helps you get started but also provides Capstone projects which are highly qualified. In addition to that, the mentors who teach you are industry professionals and highly skilled in their domain. The assessment part in the form of exams and quizzes were really helpful to me. What stood out to me was, there was an opportunity to present your skills to the class. These skills are vital and prepare you to grow in the professional environment. At a time of pandemic when jobs are hard to come by, to get a job at one of the top companies in Data Science, BridgeI2I is nothing short of a dream come true.

Thanks alot for reading. Good luck fellows!

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