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From Mechanical Engineer to
Data Scientist
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Data Scientist at Fractal


About me:

Passion is the key to unlocking your career path. For success, you need to be passionate about what you are doing. If you are really engaged in a career field, you will have no trouble shifting from one to another.

I am Hemanth from Visakhapatnam. I completed my engineering, with majors being Mechanical and my post-graduation in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology from Italy. As I am writing this, I have my offer letter from Fractal, in front of me. After I came back from Italy, I realized my interest was inclined towards Analytics and also the hype people have for In this profile, I indulged myself greatly in the same.

Learning Experience with BT

After several failed attempts at learning DS, from different institutes and platforms, I joined Business Toys on a friend's recommendation. Business Toys has been a wonderful learning environment for me. The Mentors have been really helpful in leading me toward my professional goals, explaining each stage of the course and providing me with mentoring. Despite the fact that I was a freshman, the course structure was so well-designed that it did not appear to be difficult at all. I had no programming knowledge before enrolling in this course, but now I can code in Python. I owe my mentors a debt of gratitude for their patience with me. They were always ready to react to any queries I had, and they did so quickly.

I knew I would not be able to develop in the field of Data Science until I put in a lot of effort and devotion.

My Placement Journey

I was so frustrated and stressed on whether I ll get a job or not, when I started looking for jobs myself even before the placement could start. And, I came across the opening at Fractal. Fortunately, I had started preparing days earlier and felt confident in my ability to achieve!

I was asked to submit a question during the technical stage of the interview, and I was duped into thinking it was incorrect. However, I feel that nothing can upset your self-assurance if you have information. I was able to get a job as a Data Scientist at Fractal as a result of it, which was the first step towards completing this degree. Transitioning careers is not as tough as some of us may believe. To be the greatest at something, all you need is a strong will to succeed. Everyone has the ability to be their best self; all we have to do is decide where we want to go and stay with it. The field of data science has a promising future. Data is becoming increasingly crucial in any industry, and mistakes made without proper research can utterly ruin a business. I feel I am on the correct track currently, and that I will one day advance to the position of Data Scientist at a senior level, making important contributions to society

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