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Data Scientist at Mindtree


My name is Manjunath. I am from Bengaluru, Karnataka.
After I finished schooling, I pursued my bachelors in Statistics.

About me:

My name is Manjunath. I am from Bengaluru, Karnataka. After I finished schooling, I pursued my bachelors in Statistics. With keen interest in the field, I chose this career path, and joined TCS as Data Analyst. After completion of the ongoing projects, I was shifted to the testing domain that was not satisfactory for me and I chose to explore other options, focusing still on being a Data Scientist. I kept searching on the web and randomly landed on Business Toys website. I shortlisted two organizations but moved ahead with Business Toys because the placement assistance offered here seemed more genuine as compared to others.

My experience at BT

BT has been a very rewarding experience for me. Even though I was an experienced professional, I sailed through the course with ease because of how it was structured to suit a beginner as well as someone with a Data Science background. Thank you Uttam for giving me ample time for paying each installment and never really bothered me over it which helped in smooth learning. I was glad to have met Omkar, Manikanta and Vasista for the ease with which they taught and their constant availability was an added advantage. They had such great confidence in me and my skill-set that I was able to bag a job. The team helped me a lot with my resume. The one I curated would not have helped me land a job. They helped me prepare an impressive one which finally worked for me in getting the job I wanted.

Placement Assistance

I took the course when covid was at its peak and getting a job in such a pandemic was a real matter of concern but the way BT team was putting in efforts was remarkable. Because of my learning here and the placement training, I was able to crack the Data Scientist role at Mindtree with a package of 12 LPA. I finally have a job in hand in the career I desire for myself. Everything that I have learnt at BT did not just help me to get this job but it is going to help me throughout my life.

It was a little tedious to manage both a full-time work and a course. I used to dedicate 5-7 hours a week. It was tough but now that I got placed, I feel my hard work has finally paid off. After all, somebody has rightly said, Good things do not come easy.

I hope my story is useful and motivating to you. I wish all the aspirants very good luck and a happy learning.

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