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Business Analyst, Accenture


About me:

My name is Nisha.I am from Dehradun. I did my Bachelors in Computer Applications. Upon completing my Bachelors degree, I pursued Masters in the same domain the year 2018 and soon joined Infosys as a Full stack Developer. However, the pandemic altered many of my plans and I reconsidered my career path to widen my future possibilities.

During the lockdown, with a friend’s suggestion, I started digging in and discovered the Data Science field, which offered a great scope in terms of job opportunities and was also based on Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, all of which I had studied during my graduation. The field interested me a lot and I wanted to learn more about it.

I found several platforms that offer Data Science certification courses. I signed up for a number of them. Adarsh from Business Toys took the initiative to contact me first and told me about the course and its scope in detail.

The course offerings seemed to be what I was looking for. I chose to enroll in the Full Stack Data Scientist Professional Program and this turned out to be an excellent decision for me!

Learning Experience with BT

My learning experience with BT has been great! The mentors here are 10/10 when it comes to teaching. It is easy to grasp their method of teaching. My special thanks go out to Manikanta and Omkar who taught us in the simplest way possible. Their way of teaching was so methodical, data driven, and practical. Also, everything was taught right from the basics and the content was really good. The guidance they provided to me has been invaluable. The training helped me face the interviews without being fearful. The guidance helped me through the various rounds of interview where-in I was also taught how to handle the questions I did not know a proper answer to.

Placement Assistance

I took the course when covid was at its peak and getting a job in such a pandemic was a real matter of concern but the way BT team was putting in efforts was remarkable. Because of my learning here and the placement training, I was able to crack the Business analyst role at Accenture with a very decent package. I finally have a job in hand in the career I desire for myself. Everything that I have learnt at BT did not just help me to get this job but it is going to help me throughout my life.

My skills and knowledge gained from this course helped me secure a job at Accenture with the desired package and I can not thank BT enough for that!

It is really not that difficult to pursue the course if you are dedicated enough. I wish all the readers aspiring to be data scientist’s very good luck.

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