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Smoothest Journey
to Data Scientist

Shafu Tanwar

Data Scientist at Teleperformance


About me:

My name is Shafu Tanwar and I hail from Pilani, Haryana. After completing my graduation in BSc from PCM, I pursued my masters in Statistics. After that, I started preparing for defense exams but in vain. I couldn't get my luck there and somehow picked myself up to direct my career into the most lucrative one today.

One of my school friends, back then, was studying at Business Toys and introduced me to the same. Hearing about Machine Learning and other topics in Data Science piqued my curiosity in the subject.

My journey with Business Toys

After browsing the internet for an appropriate course and receiving recommendations from a friend, I decided to join BT. I was intrigued by the Data Science Course at BT because it offered me a sense of direction and what to study as someone who is more self-taught. Because the Data Science course framework is so broad here, the classes were really useful in helping me. They teach you Excel, Tableau, SQL, and anything else you need to know to work in the Data Science field.

To be successful in something, you must be enthusiastic about it. Coaching or tutors will not be able to assist you in mastering something unless you are fully devoted to it. The mentors, Manikanta and Omkar helped me derive the best out of the program. Their efforts over the guidance were remarkable.

Business Toys provided me with assignments that allowed me to have a thorough grasp of Data Science. The fact that there were 1:1 assessment for the projects was really beneficial, since I previously had no one to support me or clear up my worries if I became stuck. BT not only taught me how to code, but also exposed me to several platforms where I could further my knowledge.

I got placed at Teleperformance as Data Scientist

I was able to grasp SQL and pass the interview by practicing on a regular basis and obtaining feedback. However, in my interview with Ugam Solutions, the topic of Machine Learning took precedence over SQL. I was able to answer the questions properly since I had studied for a long time and was placed at Teleperformance in Gurgaon. Business Toys has provided me with a strong basis for my future profession. For me, learning Data Science has been a fantastic experience. It's a field brimming with possibilities. I don't have a large picture in mind right now because I'm just getting started, but I'm looking forward to making the most of my time at Teleperformance as a data scientist.

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