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My adventurous journey from
Psychology to
Data Science


Jr. Data Scientist at Kalagato


About me:

Hi, my name is Vignesh. After completing high school, I pursued a BA in Psychology. While I was in college, I realized that the field had huge interest for me, but I couldn’t carry that as a profession as psyche-help is supposed to be provided free of cost and if I got some other job without a technical degree, I would not get paid well. After graduation, I did some small part time jobs at call centres but that really wasn’t enough for me at any sphere.

My career was in bad shape and I had no idea what to do next. The process of changing careers isn't easy when you are doing it on your own. After I had tried everything, I reached out to Vasista, a very dear friend from college who also turned out to be a trainer at Business Toys. I shared my problem with him and he explained the possibility of me shining in the new emerging Data Science domain and then I got to know about its expanding market in India.

I enrolled myself in the Data Science course once I was sure to make this career change looking at the future.

Experience at Business Toys

Learning with Business Toys was a fantastic experience for me! For me, the straightforward instructional approach of industry professionals worked really well. As a newcomer, scheduling doubt-clearing meetings outside of class definitely helped me build a firm foundation in Data Science topics. I would like to give a shout out to the instructors. Manikanta, Omkar and even Vasista turned out to be great at their job and their consistent support to me contributed towards 360 degree learning of the subject. They helped me decide which type of Data Science roles would suit me. I would especially like to mention Vaibhav, who helped me to prepare for my interviews by providing the right mentorship.

My Placement at Kalagato

With Kalagato, my placement round went really well. Questions on Python and SQL were asked to me. I was able to go past the two technical rounds of interviews because of my strong knowledge and arithmetic abilities. The case studies and projects I completed at Business Toys really aided in the development of skills and knowledge. Finally, I was hired as a Jr. Data Scientist at Kalagato for a competitive wage.

After years of worry from not being able to find a solid career, this means a lot to me. I was always under pressure from everyone, especially my juniors, to be placed although I was still unsure about my professional path. But, thanks to the appropriate and timely decisions I made as well as my hard work, I am extremely happy with my first job.

I'm looking forward to a fantastic professional path ahead of me, as well as continuing to study more in my own time to improve my abilities and grow better at what I do.

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